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We equip North Dakota students and teachers with the geographic knowledge and skills to become empowered global thinkers and problem solvers in an interconnected world.

Our Mission

We equip North Dakota students and teachers with the geographic knowledge and skills to become empowered global thinkers and problem solvers in an interconnected world.

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The North Dakota Geographic Alliance is pleased to announce our 2021 Geography Teacher of the Year!


BOTTINEAU — Karen Brandvold, a third-grade teacher in the Bottineau Public Schools, has been named the North Dakota Geographic Alliance Geography Teacher of the Year

“It was pretty shocking,” said Brandvold, who was not expecting to receive the award earlier this fall.

Brandvold has taught for 19 years in the school district and said she has participated in many of the summer programs and institutes offered by the North Dakota Geographic Alliance. She and her husband, Robert, have made an adventure of exploring the state and learning about all of the history and opportunities available in their own back yard with their children. Since they live in Bottineau, they have enjoyed visiting the International Peace Garden and the Turtle Mountains. They also have traveled to different state parks.

But there are sights to be seen from north to south and east to west in North Dakota.

“Geography isn’t just about location,” she said. “It’s about so much more.”

As part of the award, she will receive some funding to purchase items for her classroom.

Brandvold said the Geographic Alliance has helped her provide hands-on learning for her students over the years. She once borrowed a large map from the Geographic Alliance that she spread out on her classroom floor and used to play Battleship with her students. She said she will probably use her award money to buy more maps or other items that are related to the North Dakota to help give her students visualize North Dakota.

The North Dakota Geographic Alliance was established in 1991. It is a statewide partnership between university-based learning and K-12 classrooms. The Alliance provides educators with professional development and training opportunities. It also provides teachers with resources necessary for more effective geographic learning.

Brandvold encourages everyone to learn about their state and to take advantage of the opportunities available through the Geographic Alliance.

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