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2017 NDGA Summer Institute

"People and Places of the Red River Valley"

June 5-9, Grand Forks, University North Dakota

Join us for a fun-filled, hands-on, field-trip-based NDGA Institute!

  • EXPLORE sites of cultural and environmental significance.
  • LEARN about the newest tools in Geographer's toolkit! STUDY the impact
    that the 1997 flood had on the downtown areas and communities 20 years
  • EXPLORE the Greenway system and the combination of dikes and floodwalls
    that were installed after the 1997 flood.
  • VISIT the locations of terminal moraines, eskers and glacial lake
    shorelines associated with the most recent glacial activity in Grand
    Forks, Walsh and Nelson counties.
  • TRAVEL along the former shores of Glacial Lake Agassiz, and explore the
    crest of the Edinburgh glacial moraine.
  • FLY a drone through obstacle courses, and experience UAS simulators.
  • PLAY in the sand! Learn about and experience a new topographic mapping and
    hydrology visualization tool: the Augmented Reality Sandbox (ARS).
  • DISCUSS ways to engage students of Geography / Earth Science through the
    use of the ARS.

REGISTER HERE for $150 class fee.

Register Here for Minot State University credit for the 2017 Summer Institute

Register Here for North Dakota University credit for 2017 Summer Institute

2017 Geographically FIT (Forest Institute for Teachers)

"Environmental Perspectives"

August 7-10, Minot

The institute provides experiential learning and resources for curriculum
planning and development and how to help foster environmental
responsibility of natural resources in stewards
of all ages. Educators have an opportunity to expand their content
knowledge and study how geology, geography, and forests can work together
to minimize environmental impacts and land disturbances, as well as
improve and protect surface and ground water.
The charter bus tour will include the Enbridge Berthold Station, Upper
Souris Wildlife Refuge, Feland Farms, Turtle Mountain State Forest,
International Peace Garden, Anishinabe Cultural Center, Towner State
Nursery, and Denbigh Experimental Forest.

Register here for $25 class fee.

Register Here for Minot State University credit for the 2017 GeoFIT

Register Herefor North Dakota University credit for 2017 GeoFIT

In order to receive full credit, you must cancel your registration for the workshop through NDGA (701-838-3063), and the university of your choice by July 28th. There will be no refunds issued for cancellations after July 28th.

2017 NDTRC Community Teacher Workshop

NDGA is teaming with the NDTRC to provide a workshop called: Cultural Perspectives on Environmental Change This workshop will be held June 20-22, 2017 in the Turtle Mountains.