GEOFit Final Report

The North Dakota Forest Service and North Dakota Geographic Alliance partnered to deliver their eighth Geographically FIT (Forestry Institute for Teachers): Energy and Society workshop in 2015. Thirty-eight participants toured the northwest quadrant of the state to understand the energy boom and the impacts on society. This professional development workshop gave the educators an opportunity to expand their content knowledge of North Dakota's geology, geography, environments, and energy, and provided them with resources for curriculum planning and development. The four-day traveling charter bus tour began at Minot State University and traveled to Stanley, Tioga, Williston, Watford City, New Town and returned to Minot.

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Tree Study goes International

Minot High School seniors Brandon Christman and Allison Rabe saw an opportunity to learn from the 2011 Souris River flood. "It was a terrible event and I am glad that we could take something positive from it and now we can show other people what trees to plant, what kind, and how tall you want them to be so we can mitigate damage in the future." North Dakota Geographic Alliance member Joe Super collaborated with a Minot State University professor to provide the students some guidance. They presented their work at an International Junior Forest Contest in St. Petersburg in September.

2013 Geographically FIT

“Forestry Institute for Teachers” August 5-8, 2013

The North Dakota Forest Service and North Dakota Geographic Alliance partnered to deliver their sixth Geographically FIT (Forestry Institute for Teachers) in 2013. Participants toured the west central section of the state.

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Jeff Beck Receives Distinguished Teaching Award

Jeff Beck has receieved the Distinguished Teaching Award. Jeff is a long-time member of the North Dakota Geographic Alliance (NDGA) and presently serves as president of the Board of Directors. He is an educator who is very well known in the Minot Public School system. Jeff is a member of the NDGA Strategic Planning Team and has been a dynamic leader and expert guide as we write a realistic and doable plan for the future of NDGA.

Jeff has drafted letters, opinions and comments that NDGA has used for official communication to stakeholders as well as for internal communication. He has let his cause for geography education be known at the local and state level by visiting local legislators, speaking with school district officials and administrators. He made it very clear that his mission is providing quality geography education at all grade levels and throughout the curriculum.

Jeff is an exceptional educator and his commitment to education goes beyond his classroom. He has a vision for students and himself that reaches into the future of life-long learning. Reflecting the current trend in education, Jeff’s quest is to bring geography into the everyday lives of students. His International Relations classes bring places, people and culture to the classroom. His students understand the meaning of tolerance and respect and learn how to be productive global citizens. His commitment, talent and energy for working with students, parents, colleagues and members of the community are admirable and deserving of recognition.

Jeff has made a significant impact on the education community in Minot and the state of North Dakota. He represents the very words of the mission of NDGA: “This mission of the North Dakota Geographic Alliance is to promote geographic literacy, foster innovation in geographic education, and encourage stewardship and conservation of Earth’s resources.” Frankly, he is a champion for geography education. Jeff is largely responsible for providing the leadership and energetic promotion of geographic literacy that has made NDGA what it is today: a respected leader of geography education in ND.


A total of 38 participants took part in the 2013 Geographically FIT (Forestry Institute for Teachers),
which was a broad-learning experience covering four days in west central North Dakota.